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I’ve served the local community since 2007. Digital Marketing is what my agency does best. We don’t try to be a “full service” marketing agency because we know no one company can be great at many things. We focus strictly on digital marketing which includes website development, search engine optimization and social media management. And, we DO NOT outsource our work to other countries.

Our entire team operates out of our office in Oldtown Salinas, CA. We love that our clients can walk in our door and hold us directly accountable for any issues or concerns they may have. This is our incentive to focus on producing great results for all clients we serve.

If you’re looking for an effective search engine optimization agency that has proven results for your Santa Cruz business, give us a call at 831-759-2273 to speak with a representative or fill out the form on our Contact Page.

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Phil Fisk
President, Coastline Marketing Group, Inc.

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search engine optimization santa cruz ca

Search Engine Optimization for Santa Cruz, CA

SEO is a term that’s thrown around way too much these days. Some SEO companies charge $99 a month while others charge $999. How can this be?

The answer is simple, read a couple of blogs and watch a few videos about SEO, and you can begin offering SEO as a service. However, before deciding on hiring any given SEO company, make sure you can find them on Google. After all, if they can’t reach the first page of Google for their own business, how can they do it for yours?

Be Prepared To Work

There was a time you could walk into an SEO agency, throw some money on the table and tell the SEO agency to get the job done. Well, I’m sorry to say, those days are gone. These days, the owner or manager of the business must be willing to work just as hard as the SEO agency in order to see the best results. Google has done a fantastic job of pushing SEO agencies aside and putting much of the responsibility back on the owner of the website.

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