Did you know an average of 85 percent of consumers read local reviews before buying or booking goods and services?

Past mistakes don’t just haunt you; they can actively affect your current business even after the problems are corrected. Our reputation management services are designed to prevent negative content from appearing in Internet searches, to defend your reputation by sharing positive content with local and national media, to get false or misleading content corrected or deleted and to secure your brand by optimizing your website, social media pages, positive reviews and SEO links by getting support from trusted local tastemakers and businesses.

Why Choosing a Local Service Is Critical

Our reputation management services are offered only to clients within 60 miles of our Salinas, California, offices, and these areas include Salinas, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Gilroy, Hollister, Watsonville and Morgan Hill. The reasons why we only work with local businesses is because it’s critical to develop a personal relationship with each client to counter the effects of negative online chatter. The reasons why this policy is effective include:

  1. We always include a 15-minute presentation to your staff or managers about their roles in preventing, preserving and defending negative information.
  2. Hiring a reputation management company without changing the way that you do business seldom works if the negative press is justified or caused by systemic problems or oversights.
  3. Our consultants know local business best practices and can recommend what changes are needed internally.
  4. If ranking for SEO is a problem, our staff understands which keywords are essential to attract local business and rank highly in local searches.
  5. We’re available and accountable to our customers, so we work harder than an impersonal, nationally based reputation management company.
  6. National companies often outsource reputation management to local experts or junior staff members, so it makes better financial sense to deal with a local consultant directly.
  7. Our Salinas-based team knows local resources, influential media outlets and trusted businesses that can build or restore your reputation.

Reasons to Outsource Reputation Management

Reputation has always been important in business, but in today’s environment of instant communications, online reviews, Internet access on mobile phones and social media scrutiny, a simple mistake (we all make them) can get amplified out of proportion. Predicting and managing what shows up when customers search on Google takes professional skill that’s similar to what’s needed when you get a computer virus. Only a select group of people can troubleshoot computer viruses, and the same is true of real-world reputation management. When you have a serious problem with your online reputation, you need professional advice and support to mitigate the damage. Typical situations where we can help to restore, challenge or conceal negative information include:

  • Bad Customer Experiences
    No matter how hard you try to provide great customer service, one customer can easily have an atypical experience that gets heavily promoted on the Internet.
  • Deliberate Defamation by a Customer or Competitor
    Defamation and reviews can be unfair, unjustified or misinterpreted.
  • Monitoring the Internet
    It’s difficult for business owners to monitor every mention of their businesses in the vast digital ecosphere.
  • Negative Press Coverage
    The Internet fosters thousands of independent online media platforms where mistakes, misinformation or deliberate attacks can get publicized to a wider audience.
  • Miscellaneous Vulnerabilities
    Social media channels and negative website links can adversely affect your reputation and search engine ranking.

The good news is that 65 percent of people read more than one online business review. Our strategies include fostering positive press and reviews that help to minimize the effects of negative publicity. Controlling, managing and restoring your reputation is a complex process that often requires reactive and proactive efforts from skilled experts who not only understand how the process works but also know your local market.

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