Non-Profit Website Giveaway Details

Website giveaway details and guidelines

Please see below for more details about the Coastline Marketing Group (CMG) website giveaway. If you have further questions, please email us direct at

What are you giving away?

We are awarding one non-profit organization within the Monterey County, San Benito County or Santa Cruz County area, valued at $3,500. The package includes a fully custom, 5-page website designed by the CMG design team and one year of free hosting. The end result is a world-class website with content that the organization can manage themselves.

Who is eligible to receive the prize?

Any registered, non-profit organization with operations based in the tri-county area mentioned above.

What is the giveaway process?

Each giveaway begins with a time of accepting nominations. Anyone can submit a nomination of a local non-profit organization for the giveaway. After nominations have ended, the CMG team selects a group of finalists, we’ll contact those finalists to secure their permission, and then publish the list of finalists and call for a public vote. During the period of public voting, anyone may cast a vote for one of the finalists. When the voting has concluded, the CMG team selects a winner.

How do I nominate a non-profit for the giveaway? Can I nominate my own non-profit?

You may nominate any non-profit organization that is based in the tri-county area, including your own, by filling out our nomination form. The nomination form can be found on our main giveaway page, bit it will only be available during nomination periods.

Will CMG contact the organizations that are nominated?

We will not contact every nominee, but we will contact all organizations that are selected as our finalists. We will secure permission from the organization to participate as a finalist in our public vote before listing anything about them on our website.

What criteria is used to select finalists?

The CMG team selects finalists at its discretion. In general, we are looking for compelling stories that demonstrate the value of the organization to its community. Some criteria that may be considered include the work that the non-profit organization does, how the organization benefits its community, the current state of the non-profits organization’s website and the perceived potential of the organization to fully utilize the capabilities of their new website.

Will the CMG team select the organization that receives the most votes?

We weigh the voting results very heavily in our decision-making process, but the final decision remains with the CMG team.

Why do you utilize a process of nominations and voting to select the winning organizations?

Accepting nominations from the public allows us to consider organizations that we may not yet know about. In addition, holding public votes for the finalists has two major advantages. First, it lets the community have a part in choosing who receives the award. But even more importantly, it lets us share the stories of all our finalist organizations and be a part of promoting their work.