About Funnels

Focus On The 2%

Most businesses spend an enormous amount of money on brand awareness through radio, tv and direct mail marketing campaigns. However, 98% of people that see these ads will never do business with that business.

Instead of wasting your hard earned money marketing to the 98% that will never do business with you, why not focus your money and efforts on the 2% that are most likely to do business with you?

This is where Funnels comes in. We combine the power of highly targeted Facebook advertising with the power of Sales Funnels to generate highly qualified leads for your business.

If you offer a product or service, or are in real estate, dentistry, chiropractic, law, personal training, financial advising, online retail, healthcare, consulting, coaching, and beyond, then our lead generating system is perfect for you!

How It Works

Determine Your Lead Magnet

This could be a deeply discounted coupon, a raffle for a TV or iPad, a BOGO, a valuable piece of content, the sky's the limit.

Highly Targeted Facebook Ads

We create a highly targeted Facebook ad based on age, gender, income level, buying habits, interests and behaviors.

Lead Generating Sales Funnel

Your Facebook ad will direct users to your landing page where they'll exchange their contact information for your special offer.

Nurture Your Leads Through Automation

Don't have time to follow up with every lead? Let your funnel automation do the work for you.

Stop Wasting Money, Start Building Funnels!

Your Business Is Unique

We'd love to publish a price list however, we find that every business is unique and every business has different goals. You may either fill out the form on this page or pick the time to schedule a free consultation below.

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