Need Help Setting Up Your Facebook Campaign?

We've got you covered.


Let's Get It Done Right!

Everyone is constantly nagging you about advertising your business on Facebook. You know you need to do it, you know you should do it, but you’re just not sure where to start.

Here’s the best thing about advertising on Facebook now (as of March 23, 2017); very few businesses are using Facebook to advertise their business. Why? They just don’t know how. While it’s not overly complicated, there are many layers. Getting just one of those layers wrong can cost you money!

How Does Our Service Work?

We’ll start with a phone call, Skype, or if you’re local, we can get together. We’ll spend about 30 minutes getting to understand your business and the goals you have for your business.

If you decide we’re the right fit for you, and we find there is plenty of potential for you on Facebook, we’ll get the ball rolling.

Step 1: We’ll help you set us up as an admin in your Facebook Ads Manager account.
Step 2: We’ll create up to 2 buyer personas for your business. This is where we define your audience.
Step 3: We’ll recommend a campaign strategy for achieving your goals.
Step 4: Once you approve your campaign, we’ll go into your Ads Manager account and get your campaign setup and optimized.
Step 5: Because the campaign is setup in your Facebook ad account, you can control how much you spend on your campaign.

That’s it! We do offer 1 free review of your campaign after 4 weeks. This is where we go in to make sure your campaign is performing properly. We may make some small tweaks to copy, images or target audience to better optimize your campaign.


What Does It Cost?

On average, the entire process mentioned above can take about 4 hours to setup.
This includes setting up one campaign, one ad set and two ads (for a/b testing).

Typically, this is enough to get you going on Facebook.

1 Ad Campaign Setup: $397.00

Additional Campaigns: $150.00
Landing Page Setup (optional): $150.00

An Ad Campaign can be setup in any of the following ways:

Awareness Campaign

Awareness ad campaign targeting your specific demographic designed to build your Fans.

Consideration Campaign

Consideration ad campaign targeting your specific demographic designed to acquire leads.

Conversion Campaign

Conversion ad campaign targeting your specific demographic designed to convert people on your website. This option may require the landing page setup option.

Get-Them-In Campaign

This campaign is designed to get them to your store or restaurant. Target people that are near your establishment.