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Digital Marketing Business Coach

I opened my own digital marketing agency in 2007. I had no experience in business, bookkeeping, marketing, I didn’t even know much about digital marketing. 10 years later, I now have 2 successful digital marketing agencies. One of my agencies focuses on helping local business while the other focuses on a national audience.

My specialty is in listening. I want to know everything about you, your business and why you started your business. From this information alone, I will be able to help guide you down a successful path. I won’t sugar coat anything and I assure you your path to success will be difficult. But if you’re open to direction, I’ll help you get past those difficult times.

Not ready to take that first step?

Consider attending one of many workshops I hold around the Central Coast. These workshops are designed to help local business owners better understand how to market their business on the internet. Visit my Workshop’s page here.

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5 Reasons You Should Hire A Business Coach

The DIY trap

DIY can save you money. Doing DIY wrong can cost you money (sometimes more than the cost of hiring a business coach).


I’m sure you have some great ideas that you’d love to bounce off someone. In my 10 years of digital marketing experience, I’ve probably done, tried and seen it all.

Being held accountable

As a business owner, you may not be too keen on taking direction or being held accountable. However, note that my job is not to tell you what a great job you’re doing, you already get that from your staff. I’ll be very clear on what I believe will keep your business moving in the right direction.

Find motivation

I’ve spoken with many business owners that feel all hope is gone. One of the main reasons a business owner gets into this funk is they never talk to someone. Sometimes, just expressing your thoughts and concerns can spark ideas and hope. Use your business coach as that sounding board.

Increase your bottom line

A business coach will help you stay focused. If you’ve been in business for 1 year or more, you know how easy it is to get sidetracked. When you stay focused and move in one direction, you will get where you want to go much quicker than zig zagging your way there.

How It Works


We start with a Free 30-minute consultation

This is your chance to interview me to make sure I’m a right fit for you. It’s also my time to get to know you and make sure you’re a right fit for me. We’ll discuss your short and long term goals and what you hope to get out of hiring me as your coach. We’ll also discuss methods of marketing you’ve attempted in the past that worked and those didn’t.

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We’ll have a 1 hour discovery session

Here’s the fun part! Once you’ve decided you’d like to move forward, it’s then time to get down to business. In this discovery session we’ll explore your goals and business plan (if available) in depth. I’ll also need your help in gaining access to any historical data you might have access to such as web traffic, current and past campaign data, social media insights, etc.

Having this information allows me to dig deep and explore areas of opportunities or missed opportunities. I won’t leave any stone un-turned.


I’ll present your step-by-step digital marketing blueprint

This is it! You and I will go through every page of your digital marketing blueprint either in person or over the phone. Your blueprint will be a step by step plan for achieving the goals we discussed during your consultation. I’ll provide suggestions for software and various platforms that will help you better manage your digital marketing journey.

But wait! There’s more! 🙂 My coaching service includes unlimited emails and a 1 hour scheduled consultation each month to make sure you’re staying on track. We’ll review the progress of your efforts and make any adjustments as necessary.

I’m in it to help you win it!

Your Digital Marketing Blueprint may include any or all of the following*:

  • Recommendations for your website
  • Website audit, review for any critical errors
  • Online visibility report
  • Online competitor’s report
  • Search engine optimization recommendations
  • Google Analytics analysis
  • Tracking of up to 10 keyword phrases (for duration of monthly calls)
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Social media advertising & retargeting strategy
  • Paid advertising & retargeting strategy
  • Landing page recommendations
  • Lead generation recommendations
  • Lead nurturing recommendations
  • Sales Funnel recommendations
  • Email marketing recommendations
  • Monthly Check-ins
  • Plus anything else I find useful and relevant

* Note that only written strategies and recommendations are included with your Digital Marketing Blueprint. Any hands on implementation or integration of SaaS platforms would include additional fees.