Digital Marketing Business Coaching

Take The Guess Work Out Of Marketing

Digital Marketing Business CoachMy years of experience in digital marketing cover a decade’s worth of success. In fact, my current agency, Coastline Marketing Group, surpasses the competition in recognition and search engine rankings in my region for all things digital marketing. Some may call it luck, but I call it practicing what I preach.

I realize that hiring a digital marketing agency can be out of reach for some. There are many do-it-yourselfer’s out there with the time and energy to take on many marketing tasks themselves. I for one was one of them. However, I learned many things the hard way and it cost me a lot of time and money in the long run.

As a business coach, my services are intended to bridge the gap between hiring a digital marketing agency, which can sometimes cost a pretty penny, and doing it yourself, which can also cost a pretty penny if you’re not doing it right.

My coaching will help guide you through the complexities of marketing your business online, it’s that simple. I’ll create a strategic digital marketing blueprint specifically tailored for your business.

How It Works

First, we start with a Free 30-minute consultation

This is your chance to interview me to make sure I’m a right fit for you. It’s also my time get to know you and make sure you’re a right fit for me. We’ll discuss your short and long term goals and what you hope to get out of hiring me as your coach. We’ll also discuss methods of marketing you’ve attempted in the past that worked and those didn’t.

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Second, we’ll have a 1 hour discovery session

Here’s the fun part! Once you’ve decided you’d like to move forward, it’s then time to get down to business. In this discovery session we’ll explore your goals and business plan (if available) in depth. I’ll also need your help in gaining access to any historical data you might have access to such as web traffic, current and past campaign data, social media insights, etc.

Having this information allows me to dig deep and explore areas of opportunities or missed opportunities. I won’t leave any stone un-turned.

Third, I’ll present your step-by-step digital marketing blueprint

This is it! You and I will go through every page of your digital marketing blueprint either in person or over the phone. Your blueprint will be a step by step plan for achieving the goals we discussed during your consultation.

But wait! There’s more! 🙂 My coaching service includes unlimited emails and a 1 hour scheduled consultation each month. We’ll review the progress of your efforts and make any adjustments as necessary.

I’m in it to help you win it!

Your digital marketing blueprint may include any or all of the following

  • Recommendations for your website
  • Website audit, review for any critical errors
  • Online visibility report
  • Online competitor’s report
  • Search engine optimization recommendations
  • Website analytics analysis
  • Tracking of up to 10 keyword phrases (for duration of campaign)
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Social media advertising & retargeting strategy
  • Paid advertising & retargeting strategy
  • Landing page recommendations
  • Lead generation recommendations
  • Lead nurturing recommendations
  • Sales Funnel Strategies
  • Email marketing strategy
  • Monthly Check-ins
  • Plus anything else I find useful and relevant

Business Coaching Service Fees