About Us

coastline marketing group officeWhen you hire Coastline Marketing Group to handle your online marketing campaign, you’re choosing a team with many years of experience helping businesses make themselves visible in the crowded online marketplace. Our mission is your success!

Our History

In 2007, we started a firm called The Business Card Shoppe with one goal: helping companies market themselves. We initially specialized in a few areas: things like direct-mail marketing campaigns, printing services and graphic design. As our list of clients grew longer, so did the services we offered. By 2011, we began providing website design and search engine optimization (SEO) services in order to help our clients increase their online profile and attract new customers via the Web. To better define what we did, we soon changed our name to Coastline Marketing Group.

Our “Now”

As of 2016, we narrowed down our focus to emphasize high-tech solutions to our clients’ marketing needs. We reasoned that it’s better to be the best at a few things than merely good at many. Today, we specialize in three services: SEO, web design and social media marketing.

Our SEO services will get you noticed. As search engines have gotten more sophisticated, so have the tools needed to make a business stand out. We can help you increase your search rankings and get more clicks.

Website design is all about making your online space match the image you want to project. We make sure your website is easy to read, fast-loading and simple to manage. We can also assist you in making your site mobile-friendly.

Good social media marketing makes your business more visible and improves your reputation. Coastline Marketing will help you design social media campaigns and create content that fits your company and industry.

Even in our digital age, we haven’t forgotten the value of face-to-face contact with our clients. That’s why we’re proud to have an open-door policy here at our Downtown Salinas headquarters. Unlike most other marketing firms, when you hire us, you can come visit us anytime during working hours to check in and voice any questions or concerns that you may have. No appointment necessary!

Our mission is simple: to help you succeed. For more information, check out our detailed online portfolio or request a quote.

At Coastline Marketing Group, we’ll help you grow your business while you enjoy running your business.