Reputation Management

You Can Not Improve Your Company's Reputation Simply By Hiring A Marketing Company

Reputation ManagementThe Old Days

Before the rise of the Internet, businesses used to tell employees that if one person had a bad experience, that person would tell an average of 10 other people. If the story spread, dozens of people would hear something negative about the company.

Today, people can tell hundreds or even thousands of people about a bad experience by posting on social media sites, review pages or forums. The good news is that marketing companies can help organizations reduce the impact of negative reviews.

Cleaning Up Bad Reviews

One of the most common ways that marketing companies do this is by working with consumers in a public setting, such as by responding to a Facebook post, to resolve problems. This helps to show that a company is customer oriented and often leads people to delete or revise their initial bad review. Additionally, marketing services may use SEO tactics to improve the ranking of search results with positive reviews while decreasing the ranking of results with poor reviews.

Consider Changing The Culture

However, a marketing company will not be able to completely mitigate the damage from bad press created by negative consumer reviews if an organization has a culture that is not focused on customer service or quality products. When customers are constantly running into problems, either due to less than stellar products or sub-par customer service, marketing companies will be trying to put out an endless number of fires.

This is not to say that reputation management from marketing services isn't effective; it can be quite helpful to a business with a troubled past or that produced a product. that was not well received. However, maintaining a business' reputation requires addressing root problems.

It is far easier - and more effective - to replace bad reviews with positive ones than it is to attempt to just suppress bad reviews. If a product or service failed, it needs to be fixed or changed. Should customer service be the issue, then employees need additional training and policies need to be adjusted to provide better outcomes for customers. Even if a company thinks that their customer service or products are fine, if consumers don't agree, then change is needed.

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building your business with public speaking

Take Your Business To The Next Level With Public Speaking

building your business with public speakingFor many people, public speaking is the stuff of nightmares. The upshot of this is that individuals who can speak well often get a lot of respect. Being able to talk about your area of expertise in front of a group of people can increase both your personal and your business' cachet.

There are organizations, with Toastmasters being a popular example, that can help nearly everyone get over their fears of speaking in public and improve their ability to communicate clearly. Toastmasters can help you learn at your own pace and become comfortable speaking in front of large crowds, which can give you the tools you need to spread your message, establish your expertise and market your business.

Networking Opportunities

Along with being able to display your acumen and talk about your organization, there is a range of networking opportunities available to you when you start speaking in public. In addition to being able to increase name recognition for you and your business, you'll also be able to make a variety of connections.

While you're likely to be able to increase your customer base, you may also have the opportunity to meet other industry leaders who can help you in a number of ways. Connections made at events may allow you to reduce production costs, improve customer service and find great employees by getting you in touch with experts in other fields.

Increase Your Contacts

Being comfortable speaking publicly - and having a track record of being able to do so - can open a lot of doors for you. There are a variety of organizations and event planners that need experienced speakers to fill out panels and give keynote speeches.

Additionally, you may want to consider the benefits of creating your own symposiums or workshops. Doing so can be beneficial both when you are starting out and when you are an established speaker. If you are new to speaking, offering free seminars can help you get the experience you need as a speaker and to provide other organizations proof of your abilities.

After you've been speaking for a while, you may be able to charge groups or individuals to attend your speeches. Once you've achieved this goal, you'll essentially be being paid to promote your business.

Coastline Marketing Group offers short 10-15 minute presentations ranging from reputation management, social media marketing and search engine optimization. Give us a call at 831-759-2273 for more information.