Why Choose A Local Internet Marketing Agency?

local marketing agencyExpertise from a Local Internet Marketing Agency

Search engine optimization becomes increasingly important when even local customers search on their phones for goods and services at brick-and-mortar stores on their phones–even in their own neighborhoods–instead of relying on traditional advertising and directories like the yellow pages. People also research an average of seven websites before deciding to visit a business. Google and other search engines have changed their ranking formulas to give local businesses a better chance to rank higher in searches, but these rankings are content-driven, geotargeted and dependent on certain keyword terms that are commonly used in local searches. Businesses that outsource their content to nationally based agencies or content companies don’t get the same kind of expertise and city and regional knowledge that a local marketing agency can offer. Google reports that 97 percent of consumers search for local companies online, so it’s increasingly important for brick-and-mortar businesses to nurture relationships online to build a network and optimize their marketing through social media, local directories, GPS location and relevant content that includes local terms, places of interest and stories that resonate with local audiences.

Greater Accountability for SEO and Content Marketing

Our agency offers distinct advantages over impersonal national marketing companies because our clients can meet with us personally and explain what they want out of their marketing and online content. Communicating by phone or email–especially when trying to explain complex concepts–isn’t comfortable for many business owners.

The benefits of dealing with our local shop include:

  • We’re directly accountable to you, so you can walk in and complain when something isn’t working as you’d hoped.
  • We’re knowledgeable about the directories, social channels and traditional and online publications you should be targeting for better local SEO results.
  • Internet marketing is massive with millions of potential channels, so you need someone who knows what strategies work well for local businesses.
  • We understand local demographics, political leanings, sports rivalries and subtle characteristics of the region.
  • Our advice helps you rank higher in organic searches and get better results from paid or pay-per-click advertising.
  • Choosing the right keywords is critical, and we know how people in the area think and which keywords they’re most likely to use.

Customers Prefer Custom Content

Custom content fuels sales, generates leads, establishes your company as a local authority and strengthens your online profile so that you rank higher in organic searches. Unfortunately, generic content won’t accomplish these goals. Your content must resonate with viewers by mentioning local events, attractions and customs such as preferring outdoor activities over urban block festivals or spice-and-vinegar flavored meat with a tomato-based sauce over South Carolina’s mustard-based barbecue. Local agencies know how to reach targeted audiences because the staff understands local culture, history and business trends.

Work with a Team Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Today’s marketing increasingly focuses on engaging with customers in back-and-forth communications, providing personalized content and tailoring marketing messages to each site visitor’s profile based on behavior, geographic location, buying history and demographic information. If you want to do a great job of providing dynamic user experiences, the people who produce your content need to know you and your business and the type of customers you’re targeting.

We will get to know your business by visiting your establishment, if applicable, or seeing some of your work. Knowing how your business operates will empower our team to write copy that’s relevant and full of local color. Our team can spot great human interest stories, areas of your business that are useful to promote on social media and recommendations for linking to authoritative sources to build your reputation.

Call, email or stop by today for a local SEO marketing consultation and discover why a local agency is better for your business.