Can Google Plus and Yelp reviews help my SEO?

reputation-management-salinas-monterey-325x244Why reviews are important

Reviews–even bad ones– can help your site to attract customers. Staying vigilant and researching what people are writing about your company on the Internet is the critical first step to managing the process. Getting positive reviews brands your business as a trusted local purveyor of wriggly widgets or those products and services that you do sell. Google, the most popular search engine, ranks business based on reviews and social media information. Reviews contribute to rankings in eight key areas of GoogleMaps and Google Carousel that include native GoogleMap reviews, third-party reviews, keywords that appear in reviews and reviews by high-authority reviewers. Each company or review site also has its own internal search engines, and getting more reviews means your business gets a higher profile within the various review sites. People look at the sites that get the most reviews, so your SEO rankings receive double benefits with greater review-site visibility and higher rankings in organic searches.

Always respond to good or bad reviews

Of course, customers probably won’t respond when a review is negative, but getting reviewed shows that your business is a legitimate player in its field. Google Plus and Yelp reviews are particularly effective. If you respond to negative reviews and try to make things right, many reviewers will withdraw their complaints. Customers can see that you work hard to keep customers happy, and that is often more important to review readers than getting a good review in the first place.

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