Why is Social Media not working for my business?

social media marketing

Don’t give up on social media just yet

Social media marketing seldom delivers instant results despite the fact that members spend hours each day engaging with their favorite channels. Most businesses just give up too quickly because it can take anywhere from to 12 to 18 months to get listed and start getting results. Once you build a network of contacts and followers, referrals and networking can generate sales at little or no cost as long as you maintain social media activity such as making regular posts, responding to mentions of your business and dealing with any business complaints promptly.

Best practices for getting positive results from social campaigns include:

  • Use a soft touch in content that relates to marketing peripherally instead of beating people over the head with pushy, self-serving content.
  • Talk with people in two-way communications to show that your company is accessible and approachable.
  • Determine your customers’ demographic profiles to predict their interests, and post information and news that you think will appeal to each customer profile.
  • Enlist employees as brand ambassadors to build contacts because social media is all about networking.
  • Respond to other posts.
  • Learn each social channel’s best practices to avoid common mistakes such as starting a Twitter Post with a username, which means only that person and his or her followers will see it.

Concentrate on building connections and not landing sales; the sales will follow after you build your brand. It’s important to choose someone to monitor and reply to social queries, posts, reviews, etc. If you just let your social pages remain static, you won’t generate many responses or much business.

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