3 Strategic Ways To Use Re-Targeting

Re-targeting gives you a chance to follow members of your audience who have left your website without becoming a customer.

The tactic usually involves a piece of code loaded into visiting web browsers, giving you a chance to lure them back to your site.

Thanks to the code saved into visiting browsers, advertising services can present them with messages designed to appeal to visitors who previously had failed to convert.

Technology has simplified re-targeting efforts, giving business owners a chance to capitalize on the lucrative group of Internet users who have already responded to your marketing message.

Studies suggest that re-marketing can significantly improve the ROI of advertising campaigns, making it an attractive marketing strategy.

The following three strategic ways to use re-targeting can get you started on a successful campaign that will improve the results you get with every marketing dollar you spend.

1. Google AdWords

The simplicity of AdWords has propelled it to the top of the pay-per-click industry. An automated bidding process gives companies a chance to get in front of Google users and users of sites that participate in the Google Advertising Network. Although the service has a learning curve that can delay your success as an advertiser, you can quickly learn how to produce effective ads that directly relate to search engine queries.

Google AdWords makes re-targeting easy because you can create re-targeting campaigns within the familiar AdWords control panel. When you enable re-marketing, the service takes care of saving the appropriate code to visiting browsers. When visitors abandon your site without converting, the AdWords system will periodically serve them your custom re-marketing advertisements. In many cases, re-targeting ads cause people to return to your site and complete their transaction.

2. Organize a Social Media Campaign

You already know of the popularity of social media. Popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allow you to buy advertising that pertains to the demographics and keywords you supply.

When members of your target audience click your ad on social media, they arrive at your business website where they can learn more about the goods and services you offer.

Your social media landing pages should encourage visitors to fill out a form, or register for a free download. This way, your site can activate your re-marketing code and encounter your brand again in the future, increasing the likelihood that your visitors will become customers.

3. Launch an Email Marketing Campaign

Resist the trap of thinking that re-targeting only works for getting new customers. Get creative and use the tactic to increase repeat business from your existing clients. Create email marketing campaigns that encourage customer loyalty. In many cases, existing customers might already dominate your email list, so you can use it as part of your re-targeting campaign. Your subscribers will see your re-marketing ads as they use the Internet, prompting them to return to make another purchase. Try using a coupon download or other special offer to entice them to shop on your site.

Use the strategic methods listed above to use re-targeting to boost your business. As you get experience with re-targeting, expect to find new ways to use the tactic to work for your company. When used properly, re-targeting will increase your net sales per customer, resulting in an efficient organization and an attractive bottom line.


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