4 Ways Social Media Improves Your Search

These days, social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization or SEO are starting to go together. It’s now possible to boost your SEO campaign by building up on your social media marketing efforts.

Here are some of the benefits using social media to boost your search rankings:

Better link building efforts

When Matt Cutts said links were bad news, and that Google was going to do its best to eliminate those links or penalize the sites that used them, few thought that link building would ever have a chance to come back to the surface again. However, with social media channels, link building is now more alive than ever. Every time you share a post, photo or video, you’re sharing a link. You’re helping other businesses market to their target audience—you just didn’t realize it. By sharing something, you make it possible for everyone on your network to see it and share it too.

Increase your followers

Popular users on social media channels like Twitter or Facebook have one thing: they all have insanely huge numbers of followers. That kind of loyalty is going to affect your SEO. Die-hard and newly converted followers will flock to your site, driving search rankings even higher. You won’t have to even pay big bucks just to get your product or service advertised on TV. With a compelling social media persona, you can capture the market’s interest with great ease.

Better search rankings

You can improve on your ranking that much faster and sooner with a strong social media marketing presence. It’s not just about driving traffic to the site, though that’s a major plus factor as well. Google has a habit of putting social media updates in the top sections of its SERPs. So if your social media presence is strong, you’ll find yourself dominating the SERPs against all the rest of your competition in no time.

Increased social sharing influence

If you post and only a handful of people like it, then that’s not going to get you the top spot in the SERPs. But if the posts you have generate over a hundred comments or likes, that’s a sign of how much social influence you have over your audience.

So start incorporating social media marketing efforts into your SEO. Find out how you can come out of this as a winning team. For help and assistance, call us up at the Coastline Marketing Group.