8 Reasons You Need a Social Media Marketing Strategy

In this day in age, social media is a goldmine for potential customers. Every business now has to factor in a social media strategy into their overall marketing strategy. If a business is not posting successful campaigns on social media, they could be missing thousands of potential clients with an easily maintained social media marketing strategy.

1. Millennials are for the most part, only going to see your social media presence.

Most millennials are moving away from newspapers, TV shows (they will DVR and skip your ads), and they do not listen to FM radio. As a business owner, you have to market to them where they will be. Millennials are scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and could be coming across one of your ads!

 2. Can be customized to meet specific needs.

On Facebook, ads can be narrowed down to reach a specific audience. Also, your content can be customized to meet whatever goal. Now, all kinds of media can be used. It used to be that you would have TV commercials, print ads or radio ads. Now on social media you can use all the mediums interchangeably.

3. Campaigns can be rotated at any moment’s notice.

When you would run an unsuccessful marketing campaign in the past, they would have to stay on there and could not be taken down until their run was up. Now, if a post is not doing well, you just take it down.

4. The world lives on social media now.

When people wake up they don’t grab the paper or flip on their favorite news channel, they scroll through their social media site. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Nowadays, free time is spent checking social media.

5. You are able to start grassroots movements for your cause.

Mostly used for political campaigns, grassroots movements can work for your business as well. Whether it is having your following share something for a reward or offering discounts on your page for new walk-ins, grassroots marketing works on social media.

6. Your posts can go viral.

Going viral is one of the best things that can happen for not only your post, but more importantly your business. Posts that begin to go viral bring in vast amounts of attention and exposure.

7. Direct communication with your customers at a touch of a button.

Companies can respond to customers comments and complaints that are posted on their social media site. This shows the customer that you truly care and they love the quick response time.

8. Your customers can be a part of the creative process.

Many companies run successful campaigns where they let their fans decide what their profile picture will be or allow them to create content for them. For example, some companies exclusively makes their content through user submitted clips.

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