The Top 3 Reasons to Advertise on Social Media

For businesses that are looking at making a difference in terms of image and sales results, social media has risen to become one of the top considerations as a medium that can provide value. And whereas it may have been quite a process for the industry to arrive at a point where it does make economic sense to use it, today’s social media campaigns are as benchmarkable as campaigns that you run using any other Internet or media platform.

Here are the top three reasons to advertise on social media:

The Demographics Cannot Be Beat

There are a lot of different ways to do an ad buy or media buy and receive information back from independent testing or third-party monitors or your sales results- but when you use social media to advertise, you can not only target people demographically with a granularity that is unparalleled in the advertising industry, you can also get sophisticated marketing data back about that demographic and how they interacted with your advertisement. For the marketing or advertising manager, there is no substitute for that type of information flowing back into their company. They should be able to use it to make adjustments that take into account the actual dynamic of the audience that they are trying to reach as opposed to using imperfect data that they have traditionally been forced to rely upon.

Your Reach Will Be Long

A few years ago, an advertiser that wanted to sell in Mexico looked at the number of users on Facebook in the Mexican cities they were targeting and compared them to ‘mature’ markets in the United States. At that time, there were still relatively few users listed in Mexico. Today, there is parity for sites like Facebook all over the world as they currently have over 1.5 billion members. The exciting thing about that for businesses that are considering advertising is that the majority of the users that are listed are very active on social media, making the chance that your advertising will be seen and understood very strong. It also tends to give you more options when it comes to segmenting the market to find out which group of people will be more responsive to your advertising campaign.

Your Are Where Your Audience Is

For those that have built both advertising campaigns and direct marketing campaigns, the notion that you can provide instant help, support, fulfillment, or satisfaction to users of social media by planning a campaign that leverages available technology, takes a lot of guesswork out of the media supply chain.
When you combine that with the notion that your potential customers typically spend hours each day using their social media platforms- and so your advertisement will reach them while they are alert and aware, you have a powerful set of options that can replace some of your other marketing efforts that you might be making.

You will also end up being where your audience is from a geography standpoint because you can actually choose to have your advertisement appear to potential customers only when they are in certain locations that are near your business. The net effect for most advertisers that choose to use geo-location is that their advertising dollars go farther.

Advertising on social media is one way that even small businesses can create the type of presence that leads to future growth. The demographics, the reach, and the ability to be where your audience spends most of its time allow for well-planned campaigns to achieve better results.

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