4 Internet Marketing Trends to Implement in 2016

Internet marketing has made big waves in the last couple years, proving to have a strong impact on consumer decisions and, in turn, business profits. It’s understandable that with so many strategies and online avenues to choose from, it can be difficult for business owners to know where to focus their time, energy and money in order to yield the best return on investment. However, as businesses begin to put together their 2016 marketing plans, these four trends below should not be ignored.

Social Media Marketing

Businesses that have yet to make an appearance on social media are likely to find themselves way behind the competition. Developing a social media presence is instrumental in building brand awareness and personalized customer relationships. Although Facebook has dominated social media marketing strategies for the past few years with the creation of business pages, next year, companies will need to step up their social media plans to span numerous platforms. Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Yelp, etc. are all establishing their individual importance in social media marketing as they begin to offer their own targeted advertising methods and search capabilities. In addition, customer reviews will continue to influence the way other consumers make their decisions about a company, making it more important than ever to integrate review gathering into all social media programs.

Video Ads

Video advertising is not a new concept, but in 2016, it’s gearing up to become more popular and readily available on various sites. Studies have shown consumers respond well to videos and that they illicit a higher level of interest and engagement than other forms of advertisement. Incorporating video ads into internet marketing plans is not only expected to increase brand awareness for companies, but to also start contributing to their search engine rankings.

Content Marketing

Without a doubt, content is still king. At the forefront of any internet marketing program should be a strategy to provide existing and potential customers with quality content. Of course, content marketing has been used for years to boost businesses higher in search engine results, but it’s also a critical factor in how people regard a brand. Valuable information in blogs, infographics, whitepapers, etc. helps to validate a company’s expertise on the particular product or service they have to offer, building trust and loyalty with consumers.

Wearable Ads

One of the newest and biggest internet marketing opportunities for businesses in 2016 is likely to come in the form of wearable ads. Not to be outdone by the Apple Watch, wearable smart devices of varying degrees are sure to be introduced and well-received, giving companies another avenue to showcase their products and services to tech-savvy consumers. Marketers are encouraged to explore the different advertising options that future gadgets like this, as well as the Internet of Things, will afford companies.

Internet marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and is, in fact, only becoming more and more critical to businesses that wish to compete and succeed in their respective industries. Putting these ideas into action will make that goal more attainable.


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