Why is My Domain Authority So Important?

Many different factors are published in an attempt to meter how well websites are doing in search engines. Simple measurements like traffic, keyword ranking, and inbound link volume fall short of describing a website’s success.

Domain authority was developed to offer a more comprehensive metric that can help you ascertain how well your website performs. It considers your website, the internal link structure, and the value of inbound links along with many other factors to rate your website.

Let’s examine why this measure is one of the most important ones you need to heed.

Domain Authority Represents a Comprehensive Evaluation

Because there are so many factors that can influence your website’s performance in search engines, a comprehensive metric is something that you require to evaluate your search engine optimization. Domain authority attempts to do this.

Moz, a company that comprehensively covers search engine optimization, acquired several analytic companies. These companies supply data directly to Moz, which they then evaluate to assess the domain authority of countless websites.

They utilize many different vectors for their data, but the most important ones are:

  • The age of a given website
  • The popularity of that website on other websites
  • Internal factors like MozRank, MozTrust, etc
  • Inbound link quality and velocity
  • Social media presence
  • Content quality

These countless factors combine to create a score of domain authority. This score, which works on a scale of a whole number out of 100, represents how well your website performs in search engines. The higher the score, the better that your website will tend to perform.

Why This Matters to You

While domain authority exists independently from the metrics that search engines used to evaluate your website, there is a strong correlation between domain authority and how well your website will perform in search engines.

Consider what happens when your website publishes a new page. You must wait for search engines to index it, then to rank those pages. It will slowly creep to an appropriate rank before you begin search engine optimization on that page.

Websites with higher domain authority tend to have new pages ranked faster than websites with a lower domain authority. These pages appear more prominently in search engines, which means that they can compete for more competitive search results.

For established web pages, domain authority can be seen as a measure of how much SEO can be performed without causing negative effects. On a website with low domain authority, too much SEO can cause an entire website to be completely removed from results.

The last reason domain authority matters to you pertains to the amount of work you will need to make your website perform exceedingly well in search engines. Higher domain authority tends to indicate a more established website, which in turn means that pages will require less SEO to rank higher in search engines.

A Measure of Your Digital Business’s Success

While there are many factors that influence domain authority, it’s important to remember what this number represents. Domain authority measures your website’s:

  • Current success in search engines
  • Ability to compete with your competition
  • Success in terms of propagation by visitors via inbound links, mentions, and so on
  • Reliability when compared to other websites

The most important thing that domain authority represents is your website’s success as a digital business. It can quickly notify you of insufficient attention to the digital side of your business, to the effects that poor SEO techniques may have on your website’s performance, and other critical areas where your website should improve.

While it’s hard to reach a 100/100 domain authority score, it’s important to continue working for as high a score as possible. This will help your website reach the goals you should be setting for it.

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