Marketing Preparations for the 2015 Holidays

If you own an e-commerce business, you must implement procedures every day to build your customer base. According to experts, there are eight marketing methods that help entrepreneurs generate quality traffic consistently.

Develop an Early Marketing Strategy

Highly profitable businesses always design strategic marketing plans before each product launch. To develop your own strategy, grab a notepad and make a list of your preferred marketing methods. Common examples include newsletters, blog posts, and PPC campaigns. After the plans are in motion, your marketing team should track the distribution process each week.

Design an E-mail Marketing Campaign

E-mail marketing is still one of the most effective marketing methods because a properly formatted sales pitch can influence many sales. Many experts have reports that prove that a typical customer will open an e-mail if the subject line has an catchy advertising message. Besides marketing, you can also use e-mails to inform your customers about product news and helpful announcements to encourage future sales.

Use Social Media

To generate traffic by using social media, you must diversify your marketing efforts. This means that you will need an account on Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Facebook.

After you have plenty of followers, place informative content on each social media platform once or twice a week. Marketing on social media is not easy, so you must use an analytic tool to track your process. At the end of the first month, study the data and determine which social media platform works best for your business.

Develop a Personalization Strategy

Personalization is a fresh and effective way to market a business because it builds trust and brand awareness. To create a personalization strategy, hire someone who can serve as the face of your brand.

Next, send out e-mails that highlight key employees who handle important tasks at your company. If you share behind-the-scenes images of your company, your customers will feel special. As a result, they will more likely shop at your store or refer their friends. You can also drive traffic to your store by:

  • Developing a loyalty program
  • Automating social media
  • Building a message board

Use Original Content

Many businesses use content that is already found on other sites on the web. Original content is better because it creates excitement, drives traffic, and influences sales. For example, if you post a pod cast each week, your customers will have a reason to visit your store or blog.

Design a Contextual Marketing Project

Contextual marketing campaigns focus on key demographics. This marketing strategy is reliable because it puts valuable messages in front of targeted prospects at the right times.

Target Customers in Other Countries

The most successful e-commerce stores market their products to customers around the world. To reach out to these shoppers, you must place a translation feature on your sales pages.

Test the Checkout Process

By testing your checkout page regularly, you can spot potential issues that may hurt your sales. The layout of the checkout template matters too. This is why your company will need an A/B testing plan. Without proper data, you won’t know why shoppers are abandoning their carts.

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