Marketing Ideas for 2016

The way things are marketed to the world and the way the world responds to marketing changes constantly — in fact, the way websites are optimized through search engines changes just about every year, if not more often. That’s why it’s so vital that business owners focus on and take advantage of the newest marketing ideas for 2016. This way, websites can stay ahead of the game and continue to be marketed to a wide audience.

Optimize social media marketing

There are many forms of digital marketing: email, search, and social media, among others. Social media marketing, in particular, is a very useful form that websites can use to fully optimize the audience they’re reaching. There are plenty of ways you can optimize social media marketing, as well:

Focus on longer content. Studies show that more people are inclined to read a more in-depth, detailed article than an article that just brushes over vital material.

Focus on quality content. When reaching out to social media, websites rely on quality content for their followers to remain interested. Without engaging content, an audience has no reason to be there.

Become mobile-friendly. Another way to optimize social media marketing in 2016 is to ensure that a website is mobile-friendly. 40% of all Internet users use social media on their phones, so not taking advantage of this is an easy way to lose potentially loyal readers.

Dive into email marketing

Since email marketing is the second most effective form of digital marketing (right behind search marketing), it’s extremely important for websites to take advantage of it. 91% of consumers check their email on a daily basis, there’s a general 440% investment return for email marketing, and there are a number of other reasons to start using it. If a website isn’t already utilizing email marketing, there are a variety of methods to get into the trade:

Create a newsletter. Add a newsletter to a website and start collecting an email list. Promotional offers, deals, and specials can be sent out to that exclusive email list, and it’s easy to make a consumer want to be added if the right incentives are in place. Not only does this boost numbers, but it also boosts sales.

Use automated emails. Having an automated email system in place makes it easy for customers to reset their passwords, receive scheduled offers, and more in an efficient fashion.

Look at statistics. After an email list is built up over time, it makes it that much easier to track stats for the website, including conversion and retention rates. Understanding and tracking these statistics is the easiest way to optimize a website gradually.

Prioritize a customer’s experience

Without customers, a website makes no money. Prioritizing the customer’s experience to gain repeat customers and ensuring sales is the easiest way to market a website successfully.

Speed up the site. If a website even has something as seemingly insignificant as a 1-second delay, it can mean a 10% decrease in conversion rates. The performance and speed of a website should always be a top priority.

Clean up the checkout process. Make sure that the entire step-by-step process of purchasing a product on the website is easy and quick. Having a messy checkout process will make a customer turn away in a heartbeat.

Optimize the website’s pictures. Make sure that everything is filled out on pictures. This include alt tags, captions, and descriptions. This allows for search engine optimization and improves the quality of a website from the customer’s point of view.

There are many marketing ideas for 2016 that are built around improving websites, improving sales, and improving customer relationships. Together, all three of those variables add up to make an excellent source of both passive and active income for a website.