What is Your SEO Company Doing for You?


One of the most common complaints people have about hiring SEO companies is being left in the dark about their campaigns. While considering a firm, you’re lavished with attention. Big promises are made. You’re told that you’ll be kept in the loop every step of the way. Upon signing on the dotted line — or whatever the equivalent may be — you’re greeted with radio silence. Zip. Zero. Nada. Emails, calls and messages are left unanswered. Worst of all, your site keeps languishing on the third or fourth page of the search engine results — or worse. Sound familiar? If you’re tired of the status quo, you’re going to love the service you get from Coastline Marketing Group.

Our Reputation Matters to Us

Unfortunately, many SEO companies are little more than fly-by-night operations. Their modus operandi is to get prospective clients excited about their capabilities and to make dramatic promises about the results they’ll achieve. After collecting payment and supposedly starting the work, they seemingly drop off the face of the earth. Whatever updates you receive lack any real substance. You’re left wondering why you hired them in the first place.

Coastline Marketing Group is different. Unlike so many other SEO companies, who don’t care whether or not you hire them again or refer them to others, we care about our reputation (view our Google Plus and Yelp pages). We want each and every client to achieve page-one Google and Bing rankings, and we want them to feel good about the process every step of the way. After all, they’re entrusting us with what basically amounts to the backbone of their online marketing strategy. When you hire CMG, then, you never have to worry about being left hanging — and no, we aren’t making vague promises about occasional update calls or emails. With our handy marketing dashboard, we put our money where our mouths are.

Check the Status of Your Campaign Anytime, Anywhere

A lot of the work that goes into search engine optimization is somewhat “behind the scenes.” To the naked eye, it may appear that not a whole lot is happening. Unscrupulous companies take advantage of this by reassuring clients that they are, indeed, doing the work they’ve been paid to do while doing only a fraction of what they’ve promised — if that. Frustrated clients call again and again for updates and are given the runaround. With our dashboard, there’s no need to call or message for updates. Everything is laid out right before your eyes.

How it Works

If you’ve been put through the wringer by uncommunicative SEO firms in the past, you may be understandably wary about this dashboard of ours. Couldn’t it just be another gimmick? Not at all. After hearing clients complain again and again about their negative experiences with other SEO firms, we stepped up and did something about it. Our dashboard lets you see, at a glance, how your campaign is faring. Real-time information regarding the steps we’ve already taken, are currently taking and that you need to complete yourself are right there.

We offer a virtual tour so you can see the dashboard in action for yourself. In the meantime, here’s a few things you will enjoy by hiring CMG for your SEO needs. A series of information is laid out across the top of the dashboard, including the total number of active projects, the total number of active tasks and the total number of completed tasks. By clicking these or other categories, more detailed information pops up. You can see precisely what our team is tackling at the moment or exactly what we’re waiting to receive from you. In the interest of complete transparency, we even highlight overdue tasks on our end.

Enjoy SEO Done Right with Coastline Marketing Group

You devote considerable amounts of your marketing budget to SEO. Shouldn’t you see where your money is going? With CMG’s dashboard, you can do precisely that at any given moment. Don’t settle for shady SEO companies that give you the runaround. Lay the foundation for the future success of your site by contacting Coastline Marketing Group today.

If you’d like a tour of our dashboard, give us a call to setup an appointment. We can meet at our office, your office or via join.me.

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