How to Market Your Salinas Business to Monterey

If you own a Salinas business and have engaged in decent amounts of online marketing, you’ve probably optimized your website to target the greater Salinas area. Assuming the optimization has been done correctly, people looking for your goods or services in Salinas will land on your page. What about folks over in Monterey, though? Well, if your site isn’t optimized for Monterey too, odds are that competitors’ sites are appearing at the top of the local search rankings. Fortunately, you don’t have to take that sitting down. With a few simple tweaks, you can simultaneously market your business to people in Salinas and Monterey.

Tips for Attracting Monterey Customers to Your Salinas Business

You don’t have to create a whole new website to draw traffic from customers in Monterey. Just put the following tips to work, and you’ll start seeing results in no time:

  • Optimize Your Website – Yes, you’ve probably already optimized your site for Salinas. To appear in results for Monterey, though, you’ll need to optimize it for that city too. It’s generally fine to touch upon up to two or three additional cities or regions on a main webpage, so go ahead and mention Monterey here and there in the content. Just make sure not to overdo it, or you will confuse people.
  • Get an Address in Monterey – This one’s a bit trickier. Having a physical street address in your desired city is one of the best ways to shoot to the top of the local search engine results pages. However, PO boxes and residential addresses will backfire. If there’s any way to obtain a commercial street address in Monterey to use on your site, do so. It will be more than worth it.
  • Create Unique Landing Pages – You don’t have to create a whole new website to market your Salinas business to Monterey. However, you should set up unique landing pages targeting the cities and areas you’d like to rank for in the search engine results. Make sure the content one each landing page is totally unique, and optimize it so that Monterey is the main theme.
  • Write Blog Posts Targeting Monterey – This one’s easy enough to understand. If you have a blog, occasionally write posts targeting Monterey. If you don’t have a blog, it’s time to set one up. Once you do, start creating posts about Monterey to effectively market your Salinas business there.
  • Add Markup – Use rich snippets, or markup, to include the Monterey street address of your business in the search result listings. Of course, you will need to obtain a Monterey street address before doing so.
  • Set Up Google Webmaster Tools for Monterey – Since your business is located in Salinas, you probably already have Google Webmaster Tools set up to target that city. Go ahead and have Webmaster Tools target Monterey as well. This will give you a clearer understanding of how your efforts are faring.

Imagine how much more traffic you could drive to your site by marketing your business to Monterey as well as Salinas. It’s easy enough to do, as evidenced by the tips highlighted above. As with just about any online marketing technique, however, the work you do may take time to go into effect. Once it does, though, you’re sure to see an uptick in traffic — and more of it will come from Monterey.

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