Finding The Hidden Value In Google Adwords

It’s Easy To Overspend With Pay Per Click Advertising

Many businesses have made and lost money by investing in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. The trouble with PPC advertising is that you can easily overspend on the effort without receiving the high-quality leads that you need to convert visitors. Ongoing optimization of your campaign is crucial to ensure that your efforts are effective, but it can be extremely time consuming to continuously optimize your campaign. Even people who do set their advertising campaigns up correctly often overlook the hidden value in Google Adwords marketing dashboard that could help them further optimize their website. More on this later.

Google-Encrypts-KeywordsGoogle Changes To Secure Search

There was a time when you could search your Google Analytics to find what keyword phrases users searched when they found your website, not any more. Google recently started to block search terms used to find your website. This new development means that you are no longer able to see which search terms are being used to find your website when a visitor arrives at the website through a Google search.

While the encryption of search terms is a frustrating change, Google’s intentions are always positive for people who are searching for information. The aim of this change is to encourage companies to stop stuffing their websites with keywords. Companies are advised to use valuable, relevant content to drive traffic.

Using Google AdWords For Data Mining

google_adwords_campaignWhile Google did take away some ability to look at search-related data, you can still access this information if you have been using Google AdWords. There is a Keywords tab in the Google AdWords panel that lists all of the keywords for your campaign. You can click on the Details tab under the Keywords section to get more information about your AdWords campaign.

Be sure to select All under the Search Terms heading to see the information that you need to analyze your campaign. This will return a list of phrases that users searched when they arrived at your website.

Google explains it this way, “Learn how customers are finding your ad. With the Search terms report, you can see the actual searches people entered on Google Search and other Search Network sites that triggered your ad and led to a click. Depending on your keyword match types, this list might include terms other than exact matches to your keywords.”
How Do You Use This Valuable Data?

First, anyone who is uncertain about the keywords or phrases that a user might utilize to search for their company’s products or services should run a Google AdWords campaign for a minimum of three months. Using the PPC advertising tool for just three months will give you a great idea of the keywords and phrases that users are searching for in your industry and region.

Second, the next step after you have run an AdWords campaign is to take the top searched phrases and use this information to optimize your website.

For example, imagine that you sell strawberry and cherry-flavored burritos. If you find that a significant majority of searches are for cherry-flavored burritos, you may want to dedicate an entire page of your website to cherry-flavored burritos. You could even add a section about cherry-flavored burritos to your homepage and even post a blog or two about the topic of cherry-flavored burritos to help drive even more traffic to your website.

Proper optimization of your website with these high search terms will result in high rankings based on organic search results. This allows you to cut back on or even eliminate your Google AdWords campaign to cut down on your online marketing costs.

Coastline Marketing Group is available to help you properly set up a PPC campaign. We’re even able to help you optimize your website using valuable data collected through a PPC campaign. Call us today for more information.