2 Clever SEO Strategies for 2014

buyer-persona-targeting-150x150Search engine optimization (SEO) is a key component of the inbound marketing strategy that changes over time. The way that Internet users search for information and the algorithms used by Google to rank websites in search engine results significantly impact the development of SEO techniques. These 2 clever SEO strategies for 2014 use new methods that are sure to be successful throughout 2014.
Enticing Consumers With Video Testimonials

You probably already know that consumers are more likely to make a purchase if you post positive reviews from real customers. Did you know that reviewing the products or services that you use to make your company a success could also improve your website traffic and lead generation efforts?

This strategy is a low-cost, easy-to-use solution for driving targeted traffic. Start by making a list of all the products or services you use in order to run your business smoothly. Prioritize products or services that have been particularly useful in making it easier for you to run a successful company.

You can make a short video testimonial that explains why these particular products or services have worked for you. How does this help your company gain more visibility? You’ll post these testimonials on YouTube. Suppliers often link to video testimonials on their website, and other customers of the supplier will view your video to see why you like the product or service. While you should not request that suppliers link back to your website, many suppliers will do you a favor and post a link with the video.

The best way to utilize this technique is by choosing the products or services that are closely related to your business. This improves the chances that viewers will be interested in making a purchase from you after viewing your testimonial.

Encouraging High-Quality Link Backs

Link baiting is essentially the act of creating content that is so exciting, intriguing or controversial that others cannot resist linking back to it. This is a good way to gain website traffic, but getting the high-quality traffic that you want is a matter of encouraging high-profile, respected companies to post a link to your content.

The first step in encouraging high-quality link backs is creating content. You’ll need to be on top of the hottest topics in your industry, but it’s not enough to simply rehash the details that everyone else is talking about. You need to present a new angle to these topics that offers readers a valuable, fresh look at the subject matter.

The best way to get the latest information is by directly reaching out to leading experts. You can email or call people involved in these hot stories to ask for a contribution of information. Encourage a response by suggesting that you quote the individual in your content.

Be sure to thank any contributors to establish long-term connections. Leading industry experts can be valuable for future content creation purposes, and you never know where these professional connections can take you.

Include a link to the content that you have created when you are thanking contributors. There’s a good chance that these individuals will take the opportunity to link your content on their website or social media profiles. This is the part where you watch your website traffic spike.

An important part of this technique is avoiding the temptation to be demanding when you’re reaching out to contributors. You should simply include the link while thanking the contributor without making a heavy-handed request for the link to be posted.

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