6 Quick Tips To Marketing Your New Website

marketing your new websiteYou’ve invested a lot of time and money in your online storefront. Your website is visually appealing, easy to use and ready to present to your customers. However, you may be struggling to determine how to get the word out about your new website. How do you efficiently and effectively drive traffic to your site? Here are six simple tips to get you started on the road to online success.

1. Make all of your printed materials reflect the new information. Business cards, promotional fliers and other printed materials should all included the website address. Update your email signature to encourage business contacts to visit the new site.

2. Make the appropriate changes in local listings. Update your website address on websites including Google Plus, Yahoo, Bing Local, Merchant Circle, Manta and other online directories. Listing information including your company name, address, phone number and website address is typically a free service offered by these websites. Claiming your listings in online directories allows you to strengthen your SEO and direct customers to your website.

3. Use social media to link to your website. You don’t necessarily have to maintain a social media profile. However, it is important to claim your business name on Facebook and Twitter. Consider looking into other social media websites that are also geared toward your type of business. It’s easy to start posting once you’ve set up a profile to gain even more visibility.

4. Start a blog. Content is king on the Internet. It is very important for you to stand out as the authority in your field and region. Your competitors may have simple websites that give visitors little information about products or topics related to the business. If you go above and beyond by establishing a blog that is consistently updated with relevant information, search engines are going to give your website preference when search engine rankings are being determined. One weekly blog post that is at least 600 words in length is recommended. Make sure that these posts are interesting, unique and fresh.

5. Invest in pay-per-click advertising for the best results. It often takes time to boost search engine results organically. Consider investing in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising while you are waiting for the search engines to recognize the presence of your website. This type of advertising results in immediate exposure for your website. However, you should be very careful when using PPC advertising. The cost per click is based on a variety of factors, and it can be easy to pay too much for PPC if you do not have experience with the advertising option.

6. Use email marketing to get the word out. Do you have an email list of your clients? Email marketing is an excellent method of getting the word out about new products and services, so using this technique for spreading the word about your new website is ideal. Your email marketing list already includes people who have shown an interest in your company. Don’t be shy about using emails to notify clients about new blog posts, product lines or other developments in the business. Send out at least one email per month to keep clients in the loop. If you have a month where nothing of interest is happening, simply take the opportunity to thank your clients for their continued business and remind them of ways that you can be of assistance in the future.

Online marketing is often time consuming and challenging. You may struggle to efficiently and effectively market your website. While we encourage any business with a website to do their own marketing, we want to remind local businesses that we’re here to help. Marketing tasks are often too costly or confusing. You may need to free up your time to focus on expanding your business for long-term success. Contact Coastline Marketing Group for help with marketing your website.