Does My Business Really Need Social Media?

does business need social mediaThere’s no doubt that social media has a hold on people around the world, but many companies are still struggling to determine whether social media has a place in the business world. While hesitation is understandable when it comes to major business decisions that require ongoing effort, companies that are failing to reach out to customers through social media are missing out on a huge opportunity to grow the business.

A Large Majority Use Social Media

Studies show that approximately 60 percent of people in the United States use social media. The importance of social media for business is highlighted by the fact that 59 percent of social media users utilize the outlet to connect with companies. This means that over one-third of Americans are interacting with businesses through social media.

Social media users who have not yet interacted with businesses still want the option to do so. Over 90 percent of people who use social media say that they believe that companies should have a presence on popular social media websites. Over 80 percent of social media users believe that companies should take it one step further by interacting directly with customers.

Don’t Wait Another Day

Companies that start to understand the significance of social media may still be slow to get in the game. The competition is moving faster, and businesses that leave the opportunity to connect with customers on the table will end up in the dust.

Consider the fact that companies that entered the online arena early on have enjoyed substantial success. Staying visible to customers and giving customers the convenience of learning more and ordering online has allowed these businesses to stand out from the crowd.

Getting involved in social media is just the same as any other opportunity. Businesses must be willing to seize the chance before everyone else jumps on board to reap the most benefits. Companies that are willing to take some risks often enjoy the most rewards, and creating a social media profile is a move that requires little investment.

There is another reason to stay ahead when it comes to social media. Companies want to register Twitter handles and extensions under the business name to make it easy for customers to find them. These names are being snatched up every day, so it is important to register the name as quickly as possible. The details can be hashed out after that essential name has been secured.

Effective Use of Social Media

Every business can benefit from social media, but some companies have blundered when posting publicly. It’s important to know how to properly use a social media profile to gain visibility and encourage customers to try out a product or service. Here are some quick tips for effectively using social media to the advantage of a business.

  • Don’t create a profile and let it sit for months. Social media is only effective when companies are diligent about updating information.
  • Use social media to link to the company website. Make sure that blurbs about blog posts are exciting enough to drive traffic to the website.
  • Take care to use proper grammar and punctuation. Social media users can be brutal when it comes to the way a company crafts its posts.
  • Consider creating interest in the brand by featuring giveaways on a Facebook page or Twitter account. This encourages users to share information about the company with friends.
  • Keep access to social media profiles limited. Letting every employee log into the social media account could lead to disaster. Everyone has heard about a situation involving an employee who posted sensitive information on the wrong social media account.

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