The Power of Search Marketing with Coastline Marketing Group

The internet has changed the way consumers search for your business.

Search is the #1 resource used by consumers looking for a local business. Over 80% of local searchers follow up offline via a phone call or in-store visit.

Unlike television, radio or billboard advertising, a greater percentage of consumers that search for your business are ready to buy. This makes search marketing a highly effective form of marketing.

How Coastline LocalSearch works;

1. We cover 98% of where consumers search online – Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Superpages, Citysearch and many more

2. We can target your ads to specific geographic locations. Target Salinas only or Salinas, Monterey and King City only. You choose your target market.

3. Our campaign software updates and optimizes your campaign twice daily for better performance of your ads.

4. Our software tracks all consumer actions as they click through your site to see where they go and what they do.

5. Our detailed 24/7 reporting show the actions consumers make from your site, including phone calls, web forms, email and more.

6. Coastline LocalSearch provides a proven return on investment with lower cost-per-acquisition than traditional marketing.

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Conversions: A Conversion is More Than a Click

Coastline goes beyond each click to track true conversions including phone calls, emails, web forms and more. Our 24/7 reporting allows you to login at any given time to see your campaigns performance. You see exactly what each dollar is doing for you. We can record every call along with caller ID, number and location to help you deliver the best customer service possible.coastline reporting
















Performance: Conversion-based Optimization

Our software learns which keywords and search sites are driving conversions to you, then boosts campaign performance by shifting budget to those keywords.

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