Why Is Blogging So Important To SEO?

You’ve probably heard time and time again that you have to “blog” if you want your website to succeed. We meet with website owners on a daily basis, all of them looking for tips on how to make their website perform better. Whenever it comes to the topic of blogging we see the same reactions; eyes rolling, deer in the headlights stare, or a head bowed in shame. They all know they should be doing it, but they’re either just too busy, don’t know what to blog about or just simply don’t understand the concept of blogging.

I’d like to make this blog about those three most common reasons website owners fail to blog. Let’s start with the most common;

I’m just too busy to blog

As a business owner, I completely understand this reason. In fact, though I insist each website owner blog at least 3-4 times per month, I myself fall short of that goal at times. As a business owner, it is difficult to find the time to blog. In fact, this particular blog came about from a quiet Saturday morning when everyone else is sleeping and I have my laptop on my lap with a cup of coffee by my side. There isn’t much time like this in my life but when I do find it, I do my best to put energy towards improving my website. Mostly by blogging.

So it’s just a matter of understanding how important it is to blog and finding someway to sit down for 15-30 minutes to discuss what you know, your business.

I don’t know what to blog about

I can guarantee, if I were to strike up a conversation with you about your business, you could talk for a couple of hours about your business. Whether it’s how you started your business, why you started a website, about your product or services or even if it’s just giving me tips about how to use your product or services. That conversation is simply a spoken blog. If you had a client come in that asked a common question, then blog about that common question and provide a detailed answer. If you have a new product line coming in, blog about it. If you’re a carpet cleaner and you want to tell people how to get Coolaid stains out of their carpet, then blog about that.

You as the business owner know your business better than anyone, so share some of that knowledge. Don’t give it all away for free of course, but you can brand yourself as the expert in your field. If you have 100 blogs posted about what you do, and your competitor has none, well then you are most likely the one consumers are going to be drawn to. Not to mention the extreme benefits in search engine placement. If you have far more content on your website than your competitor does, well then the search engines are also going to see you as the expert in your field and rank you over your competitor.

I don’t understand the concept of blogging

This actually might be the most common of the three, which I could understand. Blogging has really only been popular for the past few years. Before it was something that reporters did when they were talking about celebrities. But today, it’s virtually required if  you want to be competitive in the online world.

In real estate you’ve heard that the three most important factors are location, location and location. Well, in the online world, there are also three very important factors. Those are content, content and content. The search engines are constantly scouring the web looking for new, fresh and unique content. After all, there success depends on offering up the most relevant, fresh and unique content the internet has to offer. If you are offering this valuable content, the search engines will give your website preference over the competitor that simply does not.

In short, blogging consistently can brand you as the expert in your field. If your blogs are unique and full of good information, the search engines will rank you above your competitors. If you see the benefits in this, then you will find the time to blog on a weekly basis. It really only take 15-30 minutes a week.

Here’s one final question we’re often asked;

Can I just hire you guys to do this for me?

The answer is yes, we do offer blogging services. The blogs we write for our clients are always relevant, keyword rich blogs that the search engines love. However, hiring a company to blog for you really only benefits you in search engine placement. But it’s often difficult for a hired company to talk about what you might have experienced that week, or to translate the enthusiasm you might have about a new product or service you are coming out with. Ideally, it’s best if the blogs come from you. If you insist on hiring a company to blog for you, then work closely with that company to talk about those important topics you want your followers to know about. Proof the blogs before they are posted.

Your investment in blogging will pay off for you. The need for new content on the web will never change. Make sure you are doing your part for your business.


Phil Fisk
Coastline Marketing Group