Understanding Your Google Analytics Reports

Many website owners are not aware of Analytic’s reports or simply do not know how to read them. If you have invested in having a website developed or in developing your own website, then you must invest in understanding the Analytics of your website. There was a time when you could build a website and the traffic would simply come. With thousands of new websites popping up everyday, this has made the internet a very competitive place, if you are not paying attention to your website’s Analytics, know that your competition is!

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Visits: This is the number of visits to your site during a given time period, usually 30 days by default.

Unique Visitors: This are first time visitors to your website

Pageviews: The number of pages these visitors viewed.

Pages/Visit: The average visit in terms of page views.

Bounce Rate: The percentage of people that left your site after visiting the first page. This is an important number to watch, an average percentage for an information only type of website is around 50%. For an ecommerce website it should be closer to 25%. If your bounce rate is higher, you need to take a close look at your landing page to understand why viewers are not clicking through to inside pages.

Time on Site: The average amount of time a visitor spends at your site.

Why is it so important?

Your Analytics report is filled with valuable information. If you dig deeper, you can find the keywords people are using to find you, you can see what search engines they are using and what geographic area most of your hits are coming from. This information can be used to help you target your website marketing. If you’ve hired a marketing company to market your website and they have not asked to see this information, then lose that company immediately. You simply cannot target your marketing without knowing exactly what to target.

Where do I sign up for Analytics?

We are very familiar with Google Analytics and it’s what we recommend. After all, it’s free and it’s powerful! Simply start by going to www.google.com/analytics and signing up. If you aren’t familiar with embedding the necessary code in your website, then contact your website developer to ask them to place the code for you. If your website was developed with us, then your Analytics is already installed and you should be receiving your reports monthly in your inbox. Please let us know if this is not happening.

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