Internet Marketing in Salinas, CA

google-places-logoYou may have noticed that Google has done something wonderful. With their new Google Local feature, local businesses are now able to stand out from the conglomerates that normally dominated the search results. Now, if you do a Google search for “Hair Salon in Salinas, CA”, you are likely to see up to 10 local businesses with the familiar Google places logo (see image on left) next to each result. Now, regardless of how long you have been in business, Google has leveled the playing field giving everyone a fighting chance. So finally, your website is gaining exposure with almost paying no money for search engine optimization. This is a great thing Google has done for internet marketing, right?

Well, it really depends on what cities you are targeting. If your business is based in Salinas, how do you show up on Google Local for someone that’s searching for your product or services in Monterey? or Gilroy? or Hollister or any of the other surrounding cities?  Because Google Local ONLY will display results from the searchers city, your website may not appear if you are based in Salinas. In other words, if your physical business location is in Salinas, chances are your business will not display on the first page of Google if someone is searching for your product or services in Monterey. Internet marketing may have gotten a little more difficult.

This new feature can be devastating to some businesses that relied on marketing to the surrounding cities. I’m seeing more businesses move their marketing efforts to Google’s Pay Per Click feature, which can be effective, but is it necessary? Are there other ways around spending pay per click dollars and still getting your website to appear in surrounding cities? The answer is yes. However, the full explanation of “how” is not so easily available. We specialize in Geo-targeting. Our methods are considered “white hat” methods that are accepted by search engines, we don’t suggest or utilize tricks that could get your website banned from search engines. If you are serious about targeting cities outside of Salinas, Monterey, Gilroy, Hollister or any other city in the Monterey Bay area, we can help.

Give us a call to set up an appointment. We’ll develop an internet marketing strategy to help get your website appearing in Google’s search results in your targeted city.

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