Promote Local Business: Check In With Facebook

Most of us are proud of the support we give to our local businesses. Whenever we hear about someone who’s looking for a restaurant, a printer, or a great new fashion boutique, we enjoy doing our part by recommending the businesses we trust. Yet, many of us are neglecting one of the simplest ways we can help support local business: by checking in on Facebook whenever we visit our favorite local establishments.
Here are five benefits your favorite local businesses will enjoy when you check in each time you visit:

Name-Recognition and Brand Awareness on the World’s Largest Social Networkfacebook-checkin-instructions-1

Each time you check in, your post will show up in your news feed and in the news feeds of the people you tag. Considering how many of your friends could potentially discover, check in, and share this business – and your updates about it – with their own friends, and so on, the potential brand recognition for this establishment is virtually unlimited.

Increased Traffic to the Business’s Facebook Page

When you check into and/or tag businesses that have their locations listed in their Facebook page descriptions, your location tag becomes a clickable link that takes anyone who clicks on it directly to the business’s Facebook page. For these businesses, the direct link is a real boom to their social media marketing efforts.

A Greater Likelihood for Fan Page Likes with the New Facebook “Like” Prompt

Since Facebook rolled out its latest module – a “Like” prompt that reminds users to Like a page after they check into a location – it’s even more likely that your check-ins will help local businesses get noticed. Whereas you previously had to search for the business’s page to Like it after check-in, this little reminder and link can make it easier for you to give the business an even stronger recommendation than a mere check-in would.

Repeated Opportunities for Traffic Referrals to the Business’s Websitefacebook-checkin-instructions-2

Every time you check in to one of your favorite businesses, you give that business one more opportunity to direct visitors to its website. So, checking in every time you visit the establishment can mean that those who may have been too busy to visit the last time you checked in might just have a few free minutes to check out the company’s website this time.

A Chance to Attract New Business through Special Offers

Many businesses post specials on their Facebook pages and/or their websites. This means that your check-ins will help the company attract new business while enhancing its image in the eyes of those who see your posts.

In much the same way as word-of-mouth marketing helps local businesses – but to a wider audience – checking into your favorite retail and other business locations via Facebook can be an excellent way to get the word out about the companies you love!

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