Do It Yourself Search Engine Optimization!

I’m sure you all receive phone calls from “SEO” companies offering to get your website on the first page of Google. We offer SEO services and we receive 10 of those phone calls every week!

The real truth about SEO or Search Engine Optimization is you can basically do it yourself. There are very simple and basic things you can do in your spare time to help your website move up in the search engines. I’ll outline these basic steps below then I’ll explain why I’m offering this information for free when I should be trying to sell it.

5 Important DIY-SEO Tips…

SEO Tip #1: The first and most important rule in SEO is “Content”. Your website must have well written and unique content. You should have at least a minimum of 250-300 words per page. Do NOT copy this content from other websites. Spend the time writing this content yourself or hire a writer to do it for you.

SEO Tip #2: Make Google+ Local your new friend! I can’t stress this enough, get your business listed on Google+ Local as soon as possible! Businesses that choose to NOT do this do so at their own peril. Sign up here and list your business now!

SEO Tip #3: Make sure your website is listed in all of the free search directories – If you want more traffic, you can even opt for their premium listing services, but either way, you must make sure your website is listed in these directories. Here are just a few –,,,,,, Contact us for a full list.

SEO Tip #4: Get on Facebook and Twitter – You may not feel these websites are relevant to your business but they are relevant to search engines. There used to be a time that search engines based your website’s relevance on the number of links that came from other websites to yours. Well, with Facebook and Twitter being so popular, search engines now have a new way to gauge the popularity of your website by the amount of social activity around your website. Don’t have the time to post to Facebook and Twitter? There are companies out there than can help.

SEO Tip #5: Blog! Blog! Blog! I know, most of you hate to blog. How is it possible to find something to blog about every, single, week?!?!? I’ll admit, I even struggle with this at times, but I can’t even tell you how much traffic is driven to my website just from my blogs. Not only do I benefit from the traffic my blogs bring, but my blogging also tells the search engines that my site is alive, well and active! Search engines LOVE new content. If you blog daily, the search engines will literally visit your website on a daily basis to grab your new content. So again, blog!

These are absolute basics that anyone and everyone can do on their own. To pay a company to do all of this for you can get quite expensive. I’m offering you this information to help keep you informed so the next time you get one of those phone calls, you’ll either know what questions to ask, or you can simply tell them, “No Thank You!” Even if it’s us calling 🙂

So where do we fit in? We do it for a living. If you find yourself a little strapped for time and you just don’t want to deal with the Internet Marketing side of your business we can help. We have the tools that allow you to see the progress of your SEO campaign. Please feel free to call or stop by for more info.

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