What Are All Those Social Media Buttons About?


 “Share This!   Follow Us!   Tweet!   Like!…”

What’s this all about? and why do I see these “social sharing” buttons everywhere? What am I supposed to do with them?

Over the past few years you’ve most likely seen social media buttons spread throughout websites. Some sit at the top, side or bottom of every page of a website while some sit near the content of every page and sometimes, they’re in both!

So what’s the difference between the two? Let’s look at the image below…social media buttons





This is an example of buttons you might find sitting at the top or bottom (or both) of a blog post or website page. In fact, you should see this very image at the bottom of this blog post. These “share” buttons are there for YOU to share the content of the post or page you are reading on YOUR social media account. If by chance you like what you’re reading here or want to share this particular blog post within your social circle, you’d simply click one of these icons and a snippet of this  blog content along with a link directly to the content will post immediately on YOUR social media account.

That basically explains the “Sharing” buttons you see embedded within website blog’s and posts. So now we’ll discuss the Social Buttons you sometimes see sitting at the top, side or bottom of a website…

social share buttons
Usually, these buttons will be prefaced with a “Follow Us”, or “Follow me”. These buttons will most likely take you directly to the social media account of that particular website. If by chance you like what you see on that site and you’d like to keep up with THEIR blogs, specials, current news, etc., you’d simply go to their social media account and opt to “Follow” them.


Why Is Social Media Sharing So Important?

Social Media has brought the internet to life. We’re able to communicate like never before. Now, if you aren’t sure about visiting a local merchant you can simply visit a social media website to read reviews, find their location and even share your own experience after visiting.


Do Search Engines Care About Social Media?

No longer do search engines have to consider how many links point to a website in order for them to be relevant. Businesses with deep pockets can easily buy links, but they can’t necessarily buy friends (or “Likes”). If people are sharing, liking, retweeting and reposting your website’s content, then you obviously have a website that is relevant. Search engines have picked up on this and now consider your social media activity as part of their algorithms.

If you have a website get these buttons added as quickly as possible. Not only will your users enjoy sharing your content, search engines will pick up on what’s happening with your business, hopefully, with the right amount of followers and positive reviews, your business will benefit from social media.


Blogging, posting, sharing can be very time consuming! Read about our social media marketing plans or contact us for more information.