Should I run an SEO and PPC campaign?

Many website owners run Pay Per Click campaigns for their websites indefinitely. While this is something we continue to do on our own for our business, we also go to great lengths to be sure our website is also optimized for the same keywords we are paying for in our Pay Per Click campaign. Why are we doing both? Marketshare! I want our website to be listed on that first page of Google as many times as possible. Currently, if you are in the Salinas/Monterey area and you Google “Website Design in Salinas”, you should see at least 3 results for The Business Card Shoppe and yet another for our satellite website, “”.

Basically, the answer to “Should I run an SEO and PPC Campaign?” is simply – Yes! But, not without a solid SEO program…

78% of all website visits originate from an online search. This is why getting found in search engines is the #1 factor in increasing online traffic, leads and sales. Amazingly, only 14% of small businesses have a search engine optimization plan (SEO)!

In Pay Per Click marketing you may get the sale but only after paying for the click, and if you stop paying then the results will suddenly vanish.

However, in SEO results won’t vanish, even if you stop paying!

• 83% of users prefer natural results over the sponsored.

• By investing a few months in SEO you can see drastic changes in your website’s growth internally and externally.

Reporting SoftwareWith our online reporting software we can show you improvements on your keyword ranking, link popularity and organic traffic within a particular time frame.

Are you aware of your online competitors? Are you satisfied with your current website’s progress compared to your competitors? Our reporting software allows  you to run reports to compare how your website stacks up to your competitors and shows you exactly what you need to do to move ahead of your competition.

Taking the lead is possible through proper SEO optimization.

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