Oldtown Graffiti Removal Project

No GraffitiTony Vincent with the VINCENTGROUP is soliciting local businesses to help fight the graffiti issue in Oldtown Salinas. The Business Card Shoppe is in the process of designing the flyers that will be strategically placed around the City of Salinas. The flyer will be used to solicit  the help of others in fighting and in the clean up of graffiti on an ongoing basis. The VINCENTGROUP is looking for sponsors now! All sponsors will have their businesses logo proudly placed on the flyer. Any sort of donation can help, it could be your time, supplies even gift cards. If you are interested in finding out how you can help, please message the VINCENTGROUP on Facebook, and email your logo to sales@thebusinesscardshoppe.com.

Save The Date: Saturday, February 25th at 10:00 a.m. at the Courthouse Cafe – Stop in to find out more about the Graffiti Removal Project and pick up (or drop off) supplies.

Why support the Graffiti Removal Project?

VINCENTGROUP has noticed an extreme increase of graffitti within the City of Salinas. Especially in Oldtown Salinas and South Salinas. We, on our own, have decided this is not acceptable, and have begun removing graffiti. Why? It’s simple – this is our City, not there’s. I walk and live in this town, and am disgusted by seeing people’s dreams, (store fronts, work vehicles), tarnished and plagued with those of uncaring dark hearts. I care. Want to care with me, message meOur first graffiti removal was A Piece of Cake catering truck. To 2012!

Our City of Salinas feeds the world. From our rich fields of produce to our delicious food pairing wines. Known from the skies by the eye catching Salinas Airshow, by land from the wild west show that is the Rodeo, and over the seas for the writings of John Steinbeck.

Let us all work together in preserving, enhancing, and sharing these traditions and beautification of our City, created and maintained by many good hearted, local people whom tremendously outweigh the bad. Focusing and realizing that despite efforts, there will always be those who will walk the wrong path, and create hardship, pain, and destruction for themselves, others, and our City.

We can lessen this by working together and using continuous incremental improvements. The key word being – continuous. VINCENTGROUP strongly desires to make a difference in our community. We can’t do it alone though. The first step? …caring. Followed by addressing, resolution, and enforcement. C.A.R.E. (Notice that ‘C’ does not stand for complain). đŸ˜‰

As the proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child,” I believe it also takes a cities people to help it’s community prosper and thrive. …we live here, we work here. We raise our children here. Let us not forget to put our heart here…