Marketing in Salinas

I opened The Business Card Shoppe in 2007. I had walked away from a great paying job of 15 years to start a business of my own. I literally had no business experience whatsoever. All I had was an extreme desire to have a business of my own. As you may know, 2007 is also the same time the economy took a terrible turn. My timing to walk away from a secure job couldn’t have been worse.

So there I was, a brand new business on the outskirts of Oldtown. A 600 Sq Ft office, one desk and one counter and a simple vinyl sign out front. How was I going to make this work?

As a one man operation, I needed to keep my doors open, this prevented me from going door to door soliciting businesses during business hours. Even though my business was new and income was limited, I knew that marketing my business was crucial to the success of my business. At the time, I chose to use two forms of marketing, direct mail postcard marketing and Google’s pay per click (PPC) system. Both of these methods were certainly not cheap, but being the one man operation I was, I didn’t have much of a choice.

With every direct mail campaign, I managed to pick up a few new clients. With people that used Google to search local businesses I continued to pick up more clients. Little by little, customer by customer, my business began to grow. There were many months that my marketing budget was next to nothing. I sometimes had to make a choice of drawing a paycheck or run another direct mail marketing campaign. I consistently opted to continue my direct mail and PPC marketing campaigns. Of course the wife didn’t always agree with my decision. It wasn’t always easy to justify a $600 marketing campaign when there was a bill to pay. But with consistent marketing, came consistent business. After about a year in business, I was able to hire my first employee. Now I had two desks!

2007 was about the time that many businesses chose to cut their marketing budget. And of course, many of them either closed or are still struggling today. I’m proud to say that 3 months ago, The Business Card Shoppe moved into its brand new 1200 sq ft, completely renovated office, and now with a staff of 4. I  understand how fortunate we are to have a successful business, but I also understand that it took great sacrifice. Choosing to remain consistent with marketing and focusing on the best possible customer service we could possibly provide, is what has contributed to our success.

To this day, our marketing campaigns have remained consistent and our business has never been stronger. I’m extremely proud of what The Business Card Shoppe team has accomplished. Our success has been greatly in part due to the success of our own clients. As their businesses have grown, so has ours. Our focus now is to keep our clients businesses growing, in fact our motto for 2012 and beyond is simply this, “Our Mission…Your Success!” It might sound cheesy, but it’s truly what has lead to our own success.

The basic message here is this, don’t stop marketing! If one form of marketing isn’t working for you, find another. If you’re looking for ideas on creative methods of marketing, we may be able to help you. Regardless of how you go about marketing your business, just make sure that your marketing.
Phil Fisk
The Business Card Shoppe