Our Mission…Your Success!

Our new motto for 2012 and beyond is simply this…

Our Mission…Your Success!

The Business Card Shoppe began as a simple design and print firm. We soon realized our clients wanted a one stop shop where they could take care of their design, print, web and marketing needs. The Business Card Shoppe has stepped up, brought in the professionals that can perform these tasks and most of all, we’ve made our focus our own clients success.

When you walk into The Business Card Shoppe, you are immediately aware that we are not just business cards. From the framed photos of our most current websites to our wall of marketing materials we’ve designed and printed, it’s clear that we focus on much more than just business cards.

So why don’t we change our name? Why do we want to be called The Business Card Shoppe if we do so much more? The answer is very simple. Typically, your marketing efforts begin with your own business card. The business card is where it all begins. Without that unique, impressive business card, you really have no way of marketing or networking your business. Our Mission Your Success

Our focus, is not to just provide you with an impressive business card. Our focus is to help you build your brand. To help guide you with our own experience and expertise in what marketing tools might work best for your business. We believe 100%, that helping you build your business, help us to build ours. We intend to be here serving the Salinas, Monterey area for quite some time. So, if you are just starting you own business, stop in to discuss developing your brand. If you’ve been in business for quite awhile and are looking to freshen up your brand, stop in to see what we’ve done for others.

You’re more than welcome to stop in and purchase your next set of business cards from us. You are also welcome to sit down and chat with us about your own marketing ideas. We love to hear what others have done to make their business successful. We all have our own story on how this down economy has changed our lives. But, every business owner that walks through our front door is optimistic about the future of their business. They are taking this recession head on and focusing on making their business successful. They inspire us and hopefully, if we have done our job, we have inspired them. It’s our goal that every client leaves excited about their new marketing materials, new logo or even their new website and is proud to go out and market their business.

Our absolute mission is to help your business be successful. Call, stop in or browse our website to see what we’re about. I think you’ll feel confident that The Business Card Shoppe can help take your business to the next level.

Our Mission…Your Success!

Phil Fisk
The Business Card Shoppe

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