SEO is not rocket science

Search Engine Optimization is really not that complicated. Focus on your website’s content, make sure your content is unique, post blogs as frequently as possible and publish articles on various sites that relate to your industry. The average website owner can accomplish this task fairly easily. So why are there so many SEO companies out there wanting to charge $500+ per month to run an SEO campaign for you?

The answer is fairly simple, though SEO is not rocket science, it IS time consuming. between posting your own blogs, writing and submitting articles, maintaining a presence on social media and tracking your results, you could spend upwards of 20 hours per week with maintaining your own SEO program. Chances are, if you are not an SEO company, you should be spending that valuable time working your business and servicing your customers.

Hiring a credible SEO company allows you to focus on your business. Though you can accomplish these time consuming tasks on your own, it could take upwards of a year to a year and a half for your page ranking in search engines to notice your efforts. An SEO company can literally accomplish the same results in 3-6 months. A professional SEO service can bring other techniques to the table that you may never have heard of that can additionaly help your page rank.

There is nothing wrong with doing some studying about SEO. But, I would strongly recommend using a reputable SEO company to accomplish this for you. My recommendations for hiring a reputable SEO company is first to find one that lives in the same country you live in. This is because SEO companies typically write articles that are submitted to various directories. You don’t want your articles to have spelling or grammar errors. Second, run a quick test on the website of the company you are thinking of hiring. A great website to run this test on is This grader will tell you if the company you are considering has accomplished their own SEO for their website. DO NOT hire an SEO company that grades less than 70. In fact, the closer to 100 they are, chances are the most reliable they may be.

You may pay a pretty penny to have this work done for you, but the cost of an SEO company is not long term. Their job is to get your website to rank as quickly as possible with the keywords you choose. Once this has been accomplished, usually within 6 months, you can back off of your SEO campaign and simply run a maintenance program. Though you should check your stats frequently because there is a chance your competitor wants what you have.

If money is an issue, think about what you are spending on the phone book, radio advertising even tv advertising. These are mediums that are struggling to compete against the internet. Maybe think of cutting back a bit on these outbound methods of marketing and focusing some of your marketing dollars to more inbound methods of marketing, the internet.

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Phil F.